B-BBEE Advisory Services


Companies often find the process to become B-BBEE compliant quite daunting. ExcelGrow offers a highly effective B-BBEE Advisory service to assist companies:

  • Phase 1: B-BBEE Workshops

We offer information Workshops to enable them to understand B-BBEE and to make informed decisions.

  • Phase 2: B-BBEE Consultation

We assist our clients to:

    • Understand where they are (evaluation) in terms of B-BBEE compliance.

    • Understand where they want to go to (that is on which Recognition Level they would like to be).

    • Provide them with a B-BBEE Strategic Plan how to get there.

    • Guide them to complete the plan.

  • Phase 3: B-BBEE Solutions      For More Information – Click Here

Note: Clients are often faced with challenges to find solutions to optimize the B-BBEE Elements.

We assist our clients to:

    • Find relevant, cost effective solutions in terms of the B-BBEE Elements.

    • Use our extensive network of specialists where necessary.

    • Guide them to manage/complete the solutions on time.

  • Phase 4: B-BBEE Certificate Verification Support

We assist our clients at the time of verification to:

    • Compile the necessary documentary evidence.

    • Supply it to the chosen verification agency.

    • Support both the client and the verification agency to complete the process as effectively as possible.

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