Industrial Psychological Services

Note: Industrial Psychological Services strives to optimize the operational flow within a company.

Our services include:
  • Recruitment:        For more information – Click Here

ExcelGrow will embrace every Recruitment Challenge you have. We have years of experience recruiting:

    • Your next BBBEE Executive Partner;

    • People with Disabilities;

    • Post-Study Unemployed job-seekers for Absorption;

    • Generalist Recruitment Candidates.

  • Talent Management (TM):        For more information – Click Here

TM strives to optimize the workforce of the company.

Benefit: The TM process will help your company to optimize your workforce to reduce lost hours and to maximize effectiveness.

  • Organisational Development (OD):        For more information – Click Here

OD strives to identify barriers in a company regarding optimal functioning and to propose solutions to implement.

Benefit: The OD process will help your company to eliminate the barriers to real economic growth and success.

  • Mentorship & Coaching (MC):        For more information – Click Here

Mentorship & Coaching strives to assist people to maximise potential.

Benefit: The Mentorship & Coaching process focuses on specific individualised processes that identifies specific areas of strength and then to maximise it.

  • Industrial Psychologist

Note: Our Industrial Psychological Services is managed by Christo Botha who is a Registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

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