Talent Management


In order to build successful organisations it is vitally important to implement excellent people management strategies such as the recruitment, selection, development and retention of talented people.

With a wealth of experience in this field our consultants have the capacity to do the following:

Recruitment and Placement

Our consultants have the capacity to build structured assessments and interviews to help companies identify and select motivated talent. They focus on delivering a professional and thorough approach to the recruitment of proficient candidates.

Talent Assessment

In order to select the correct individuals for particular positions in your company, it is vitally important to follow an effective ‘talent assessment’ process.

ExcelGrow has the capacity to run talent ‘Assessment Centres’ for all kinds and sizes of organisations to assist companies to do effective talent assessment.

  • Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres is a well-known and widely used assessment technique for selecting individuals for particular positions. Note the following:

  • We use this as a standardized evaluation of behaviour based on multiple inputs.

  • Several trained observers and techniques are used.

  • Judgements in the form of ratings about behaviour are made from specifically developed assessment simulations and are pooled in a meeting among the assessors.

  • The centre is designed to measure performance and competencies and result in critical information used for decision-making.

  • The behaviour of the participant is observed, noted, classified and evaluated by qualified observers.

  • Feedback: Feedback is then given in the form of a written document as well as a discussion to the individual and the client to use in their decision making process. 

  • When to use Assessment Centres
  • To select the most appropriate individual to be appointed in a specific position.

  • To determine development needs.

  • To undertake development planning for the individual and the organisation.

Strategic People Management

ExcelGrow’s approach to People Management moves onward from typical Human Resources Management, towards the incorporation of people with the overall organisational strategy.

ExcelGrow assists organisations with the instilling of importance that people are to achieve the organisational goals through learning to think and act strategically. Therefore we assist organisations to develop an integrated HR Framework.

Examples of People Management Interventions:

  • Employment Contracting

  • Strategic Empowerment

  • Employment Equity

  • HR Strategic Planning

  • Employee Engagement

  • Performance Management

  • HR Compliance

  • Industrial Relations

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