The Directors

Christo Botha

As a Cum Laude Post-Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology at the North-West University, Christo Botha decided to augment his skills with a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology. Completion of an internship at the Military Psychological Institute (MPI) and successful registration with the HealthProfessions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) permitted him to start a practice with the legal support of the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF). An article on his Masters thesis (Occupational Stress, Psychological Strengths and Suicide Ideation) was published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice in 2005. ​ Christo finds fulfilment when he is strategically and actively involved with team and individual empowerment. He enjoys activities where crisis intervention is needed, practical consulting, problem-solving, and coaching and group facilitation. He has a passion for people and as a result values functional relationships. As a Talent Management Consultant he believes people should live their strengths. Over the past 17 years Christo initiated, participated and consulted on a variety of projects at numerous large and small organisations.

Kobie Vlok

Kobie Vlok is a professional in the arena of leadership and development. He has developed various leadership coaching processes that emphasizes developing the 'leader' first and then 'leadership'. With many years of respected influence, he enjoys consulting with growing and advanced organisations and their leadership teams.Through this leadership networking with business owners, CEOs and MDs, Kobie discovered a pressing need for a high level of professional service that will ensure B-BBEE strategic compliance as a win-win scenario to the company. ​ Through 3 Years of research, including networking with top B-BBEE Verification companies, Kobie developed a B-BBEE compliance solution called BEST. This program has profoundly impacted various organisations and is currently applied by top consultants in various industries and sectors. He is personally involved in all updates on the program including legislation amendments and changes. He furthermore heads the BEST consulting team including managing, training and empowering them for continuous development.

Hendrik Vorster

As a post-graduate, Hendrik Vorster is skilled and highly experienced in the field of Training and Development. He has extensive experience in lecturing, program development, and individual- life coaching and group facilitation. With a well balanced focus between professionalism, people-orientation and excellence, he is an experienced team-leader and manager with a deep interest in people behaviour, growth and development. Hendrik mastered the successful management of people and matured as a well-known community leader over a period of 20 years through his involvement in different institutions. ​ As a previous company owner in the printing industry, Hendrik, in that time, accumulated deep insight for supervisory challenges. He furthermore has an extremely positive resumé referring to years of presiding over a Training Institution (NTK College), leadership development with numerous individuals; groups and companies. Hendrik furthermore acts as External SDF for a variety of companies and is qualified as an Assessor in accordance with NQF requirements. ​

Leon Joubert

Known as a Strategic Business Consultant and experienced as such by many organisations in a wide spectrum of sectors and industries, Leon Joubert plays a vital role in the achievement of overall strategic objectives. Matured through more than 6 years of practical and interactive strategic work he has developed as an expert facilitator and consultant of Organisational Change Management, Human Resources Management and Industrial Relational processes. ​ With a passion for the development of the individual and the group in the organisation Leon established a consulting platform backed by his graduate studies in Industrial Psychology at the North-West University. He continued with his own development and completed the accredited Technicon SA Facilitation certificate program and obtained a registration with the Services SETA as an assessor. As an HR Strategist, Leon was able to align the needs of clients with the measurement requirements of legislation. From this HR platform he developed understanding and application of specific B-BBEE requirements linked to the Human resource in the organization.