ExcelGrow offers the following non-accredited workshops:

Personal Development Skills:

  • Conflict Resolution

Having different viewpoints, different paradigms, the uniqueness of personal profiles in inter-personal dynamics – set the table for conflict in the workplace.

In dealing correctly with conflict can work for a team, in stead of having negative consequences.

This workshop approaches conflict from a positive, yet empowering perspective by enabling the participant with specific knowledge and skills to use conflict to the growth and advantage of the team-life.

  • Emotional Mastery

At its best, being at work and dealing with day-to-day challenges, can drain a person’s emotional capacity, which can lead to undesirable behaviour and consequences.

This workshop will empower the participant with an understanding of Emotional Intelligence, provide steps and models to becoming more emotional aware, and assist with the development of emotional mastery.

  • Communication

Having the skill of effective communication is crucial in any context, especially the business context.  Everybody has experience of the effect of non-effective communication!

This workshop is designed to empower and develop the participants with knowledge and skills regarding the communication cycle, steps to effective communication, communication noise, and more.

  • Assertiveness

A challenge sometimes for management in people interaction, is being assertive in dealing with people in a work context.

This workshop will empower the supervisor, manager and team members of teams, to be assertive without needing to be aggressive of passive.

Being assertive has more to do with who the person is, than what the person does.

  • Finding Your Voice

This Programme is carefully designed to assist a person, building-block-by-building-block to arrive at a place of clearly understanding his / her purpose in life.

The Programme addresses paradigms, personal profile discoveries such as Temperament Blend, MBTI- Type, talents and skills, core values and more.

By using specifically designed tools, the participants are guided to arrive at a personal voice statement, which serves as a career guidance tool, a self-understanding-tool and a personal decision-making-tool in terms of life-decisions.

This Programme can do wonders for team development and human resource effectiveness of an organization.

Strategic Development Skills:

  • Start with WHY, clarify your How and What – Strategic Business Tool

Based on the teachings and philosophy of Simon Sinek’s Start with Way, this tool is uniquely designed as a practical step-by-step process, which can be used to help an organization to clarify its WHY (reason for doing what it is doing), and re-defining its HOW and WHAT (products and services).

  • Thinking like FOXES – Strategic Conversational Business Tool

Based on the work of Clem Sunter in his trilogy, “Thinking like Foxes”, this tool is carefully designed to assist your organization with strategy and tactics, for thriving as a business, especially in uncharted waters or in times of change.

A ten-step-process that will help you to clearly understand your business game and then helping you how to effectively play your specific business game, with special reference to what the “ meaning of winning” for your specific organization is.

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook

The Microsoft Office suite is widely used in business. If understood correctly, these programs can dramatically enhance work effectiveness. Courses can be offered through the ExcelGrow Virtual Training Platform. All courses are customised according to clients needs.

The Microsoft Office Workshop options include the following:

Microsoft Word – Basic, Intermediary, Advanced

2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 365

Microsoft Excel – Basic, Intermediary, Advanced

2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 365

Microsoft Outlook – Basic, Intermediary, Advanced

2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 365

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