Recruitment Philosophy

Whenever you consider making use of our services, you may know that our core principle is to getting the right people, with the right skills, aligned in the right situation at the right time specifically for you. Our Philosophy of establishing excellence includes the support and encouragement of potential to continuous development whilst living out our talents maximally. This should:

  • provide appointed candidates with opportunities to broaden their skills and experience and achieve their goals and potential;

  • benefits employers by developing and deploying capability that is aligned with current and future client priorities.

Because of ExcelGrow’s commitment and longitudinal approach creating sustainable employment relationships with people- prominence and strong emphasis on correct recruitment and selection practices are critical.

Recruitment Process

Supporting ethical and fair conduct, some of the core principles ensuring such would be to always make decisions with openness and transparency. The acquisition of people could be made possible through:

  1. CV Scanning and appropriation according to refined criteria;

  2. The design of profiles, Job-Specifications and Job-descriptions with recommendations with regards to assessment and selection of candidates;

  3. Best practice inclusion of assessment centres to the process;

  4. Guided interviews and sifting of final 3 candidates.

Making use of a Recruitment Agency is valuable. People who form part of your organisation should do so by entering through a narrow gate. Recruitment, Assessment and Development are major components of passing through such a gateway.

Next Steps: