Mentorship & Coaching

The winning aspect of having an assigned Coach with personal development is the fact that attention is individually focused, flexible to address areas in need of development and motivational because of accountability and personal goals. ExcelGrow Group have professional staff able to use coaching as a tool to address an individual’s development needs.

In a response to the call for practical, impactful but hassle-free development of upcoming talent, ExcelGrow designed a Mentorship Programme to address just that. Every mentee can progress in a manner that is most suitable for their context alongside an equipped Mentor. Mentoring happens on a one-to-one basis by a field expert guiding mentees through managerial-development themes and competencies that focus on problem areas.


At ExcelGrow we understand that every workplace differ in focus, goals, circumstance and environment. Our Managerial Development Mentorship Programme gives the mentee a superior learning experience. It allows for focused one-on-one mentoring sessions that makes learning more effective as information is given in shorter, more manageable portions. It allows for a more flexible and manageable learning schedule giving you the freedom to acquire valuable new skills appropriate to the workplace and stay productive. You can target your training so you learn only what you need without spending time on what you already know.

Our Mentorship Programme is designed in such a way that a Mentor is equipped to make the development of his mentee personal. Relevant and impactful themes is provided with a Manager’s Toolkit to ignite meaningful discussion and help Mentors to open up the opportunity to unlock development with the mentees assigned to them. A competency model from the behavioural science field is added to the learning curve and real assessment of Mentees can give perspective on real development needs. By reaching 12 Milestones over a period of 6 to 12 months regular interaction provide for a professional and practical growth experience.

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