B-BBEE Solutions


When companies have completed their B-BBEE Strategies, they are often confronted to find effective solutions to implement the solutions.

ExcelGrow offers a number of services or solutions to assist companies:

  • Ownership:

In terms of B-BBEE many companies are faced with the Ownership question. This includes looking at changes that will be the best for the company and its shareholders, including the management of risk as well as addressing the SARS question.

ExcelGrow has excellent networking relationships that can assist you.

  • Management Control:

ExcelGrow has specialists to advise your company in terms of maximising your current employee list.

ExcelGrow also has specialists to guide you regarding Employment Equity Reports and Plans.  For more info – Click Here

  • Skills Development:

ExcelGrow is an Accredited Training Provider that can guide you in terms of B-BBEE ready, cost effective, Skills Development Solutions that are applicable to your company training needs. For more info – Click Here

ExcelGrow also has specialists to guide regarding your annual Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports. For more info – Click Here

  • Enterprise & Supplier Development:
    • Preferential Procurement:

ExcelGrow has a support team that can assist you with your Preferential Procurement strategies.

    • Enterprise and Supplier Development:

ExcelGrow’s team have developed empowerment processes to guide small companies towards sustainability.

  • Socio Economic Development

ExcelGrow’s team can advise you to be effective in terms of your donations.

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