Learners in Leadership / Management - Curriculum

Training Focus Groups:
  • Learners in Management/Leadership: This refers to learners who are in management or leadership positions, or are busy moving into those positions.

    Examples: Team Leaders, Supervisors, Junior/Middle/Senior Management, Top Management

Training Objectives:

Training for this focus group are geared towards empowering learners to obtain skills:

  • To be empowered towards becoming world class managers / leaders.

Learner Selection:
  • Clients: Learners are selected by the clients sponsoring the program.

Curriculum – National Qualification:

All learners are enrolled on the following National Qualification:

  • National Qualification: Generic Management  (SAQA 57712) – For more info – Click Here

Note: The learners are then registered to do various modules from the mentioned qualification until completion. 

Leaders Training Curriculum
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Current Modules:

  • ​Module (SAQA 242824): Apply Leadership Concepts in a Work Context – Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 242829): Monitor the Level of Services to a Range of Customers – Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 242817): Solve Problems, Make Decisions and Implement Solutions – Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 11473): Manage Individual and Teams Performance – Click Here​​

Note: Modules from the National Qualification above are being added to the list on a continuous basis.

Roll out:

  • Duration: Four to five days per module.

    • Option 1: Training dates can arranged over consecutive days.

    • Option 2: Training dates can be arranged over a number of weeks.

  • Venue: Client premises.

Next Steps: